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08-12-2014 Project ,,Together for Support of Children’s Rights and Democracy’’
 In the frameworks of the project,  ,,Together for Support of Children's Rights and Democracy ''  jointly implemented by ,,International Association Civitas Georgica’’ and Polish NGO ,,Edukator’’, 20 mini projects involving 960 students were launched. The key topics of the mini projects were Civic education, Tolerance, Fighting against violence, Inter-school initiatives and awareness building on the rights of the people with disabilities. The project implied various activities among which were: A study of children’s rights convention, Different seminars, forum-theatres , photo-exhibitions , Filming, Competitions, flash—mobs , games and excursions. more

22-10-2014 ,,Together for a Support of Children’s Rights and Democracy’’ project finalizing conference was held by Civtas Georogica
 In the frameworks of the project: ,,Together for a Support of Children’s Rights and Democracy’’ Conference -,,Human Rights and Democracy in Schools’’ was held by Civitas Georgica. The conference played a role of the platform for summarizing various activities implemented on the different stages of the project and sharing the gained experience. Project beneficiaries: The teachers from four municipalities of Shida Kartli and participating students made the presentations of the projects implemented in public schools. At the end of the conference the group of trainers selected within the project was presented to the audience, The trainers are going to visit Poland for a study purpose in the beginning of November, 2014.
The project ,,Together for a Support of Children’s Rights and Democracy’’ has been implementing by Civitas Georgica and Polish NGO ,,Edukator’’ in cooperation with Students Alliance of Georgia , supported by the Polish Ministry of Foreign affairs.

13-10-2014 Black Sea Regional Workshop on Catchment Observations, Modelling and Management

The Workshop to be held in Batumi, Georgia, on 30-31 October 2014, are co-organized by EC Cross Border Cooperation ILMM-BSE Project (http://e-blacksea.com), hosted by Georgian partner International Association "Civitas Georgica", in cooperation with the EC FP7 IASON Project (http://iason-fp7.eu), co-hosted by Georgian partner GIS and RS Consulting Center GeoGraphic.


07-07-2014 Spin Up workshop for Organizational Development was held in Patardzeuli
 In the frameworks of the IVF funded project : ,, Learning by doing – practice-oriented V4 support for strengthening civil society in the Caucasus" Spin Up workshop for organizational development was held in Patardzeuli, Georgia. 5 day long training was attended by non governmental organization representatives from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Trainers from Partners Poland Foundation, Poland and DemNet , Hungary delivered the trainings with the special focuses on the topics: Strategic Planning, Project management, Communication and Stakeholder Analysis. more

30-04-2014 Exhibition - Photographers without borders
 Civitas Georgica has the pleasure to invite all interested to the exhibition of the photos made by participants of the project "Photographers without borders" which is implemented by "Uluchay" (Azerbaijan) and Civitas Georgica (Georgia). The project is financed by Black Sea Trust. The exhibition will be opened on 30th April at 12.00 in "Caucasus House" (Tbilisi, 20 Galaktion Tabidze street). Welcome! more

14-04-2014 Project "Anti-flood early warning and prevention sistems in Geprgia"
On April 02, 2014, with support of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs the project: “Anti - flood early warning and prevention systems in Georgia: special focus on Kabali and Duruji rivers” 224PPR2014/M; started.
On April 03, 2014, the above mentioned project was introduced to the public in the National Environmental Agency.

31-03-2014 Introductory training "Catchment Hydrological Modelling"
 Civitas Georgica is organizing introductory training into "Catchment Hydrological Modelling" on April 26, 2014 in Grigoleti, Georgia, as part of the Integrated Land-use Management Modelling of Black Sea Estuaries (ILMM-BSE) Project implemented with the financial assistance of the European Union in the framework of the Joint Operational Programme "Black Sea Basin 2007 – 2013".

The aims of the workshop is to introduce participants into hydrological modelling, getting hands-on experience on how to install, configure and calibrate catchment hydrological model and then to exercise in setting-up basic water quantity model for selected river catchment of Guria. If you are interested to participate; please apply by sending filled-in Registration Form to office@civitas.ge  

25-02-2014 ,,Photographers without Borders'' First phase of the Project in Georgia is finished
 The first phase of the project ,,Photographers without Boarders’’ was successfully finished in Georgia. Four day trainings were held for twenty young photographers from Azerbaijan and Georgia in Patardzeuli training center.
Within the trainings participants discussed stereotypes and challenges of cross border cooperation, topics such as tolerance and intercultural relations more

11-02-2014 The first training for young photographers"
 The first training within the project "Photographers without borders" will take place in Patardzeuli on 17-21 February 2014. The training will bring together 20 young people from Georgia and Azerbaijan. The main goal of the project is to increase joint cooperation, initiatives, intercultural exchange and communication by increasing the awareness of local population from Azerbaijan and Georgia on stereotypes and challenges of cross-border cooperation through arts and media coverage.  more

11-02-2014 First Village Parliament registered
 First village Parliament was registered today in Senaki municipality. It was estabblish by elected representatives from 10 villages. Four more will be registered before the end of the month. The organization was registered within the framework of project "Rural Parliaments on Municipal and Rural level" financed by European Comission in Georgia. more

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Civitas Georgica is non commercial, not for profit association established in Georgia in 1996 in order to assist transformation processes in Caucasus region.
02-09-2010 Pre-school education in Georgia - Polish Know-How
The case describes the application of Plish Know-How in area of Pre-School education in Georgia conducted by Civitas Georgica in partnership with "EUKATOR"

30-08-2010 Citizen Self-Confidence Building
This case describes citizen participation initiatives in small provincial towns Ambrolauri and Ozurgeti.

23-07-2008 Ethics Code of Behavior of Electoral Candidates
Behavior of political parties and independent candidates during elections and in pre-election period is often scandalous. Candidates try to win points by insulting and slandering their political opponents.


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