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28-05-2018 Lectures at schools in controversial issues

 In the frameworks of the project ,,Teach and Learn Democracy – Sharing European Experience in Interactive Teaching and Debates’’ lectures in target 12 schools were held , The aim of the lessons were to improve students critical thinking skills and facilitate development of high civic participation level by discussing pre-elaborated controversial issues such as: Migration, Disability rights, Bullying at schools, Death penalty as a high form of conviction, Social networks and their impact, Children rights, Georgia’s European integration, Atomic energy threats and advantages, e.tc
The lectures were based on the guidelines provided by the Polish expert during the training for teachers in democratic competences and teaching controversial issues. I total up to 500 school students attended the seminars on controversial issues at target schools.


02-09-2010 Pre-school education in Georgia - Polish Know-How
The case describes the application of Plish Know-How in area of Pre-School education in Georgia conducted by Civitas Georgica in partnership with "EUKATOR"

30-08-2010 Citizen Self-Confidence Building
This case describes citizen participation initiatives in small provincial towns Ambrolauri and Ozurgeti.

23-07-2008 Ethics Code of Behavior of Electoral Candidates
Behavior of political parties and independent candidates during elections and in pre-election period is often scandalous. Candidates try to win points by insulting and slandering their political opponents.


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