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Learn and Practice Active Citizenship-Connecting Schools and Communities
ისწავლე და გამოცადე აქტიური მოქალაქეობა-სკოლებისა და თემების დაკავშირება





The project is co financed by the governments of Czechia , Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, through Visegrad grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.

პროექტი მხარდაჭერილია ვიშეგრადის საერთაშორისო ფონდის მიერ, და თანადაფინანსებულია ჩეხეთის, უნგრეთის, პოლონეთის და სლოვაკეთის მთავრობების მიერ ვიშეგრადის საერთაშორისო ფონდის გრანტებით. ფონდის მისიაა ცენტრალურ ევროპაში მდგრადი რეგიონალური თანამშრომლობისთვის იდეების მხარდაჭერა.


22-07-2019 Learn and Practice Active Citizenship- Students Summer Academy 2019

Summer Academy for 16 school students from the schools located in project target 8 municipalities was successfully held. Hungarian trainers from the partner organization Demnet delivered 4 days long seminars which were mostly consisted of practical exercises aimed to raise students awareness on the importance of active citizenship, young people's role in their communities decision making processes, dialogue and democracy. During the training young participants came up with the possible ideas for mini community initiatives which they are going to turn into projects with the help of the school students teams and teachers.
The project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund 


02-09-2010 Pre-school education in Georgia - Polish Know-How
The case describes the application of Plish Know-How in area of Pre-School education in Georgia conducted by Civitas Georgica in partnership with "EUKATOR"

30-08-2010 Citizen Self-Confidence Building
This case describes citizen participation initiatives in small provincial towns Ambrolauri and Ozurgeti.

23-07-2008 Ethics Code of Behavior of Electoral Candidates
Behavior of political parties and independent candidates during elections and in pre-election period is often scandalous. Candidates try to win points by insulting and slandering their political opponents.


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